what the heck happened??

Is Hooch no more on this forum?

He apparently took his toys and went home.

Yeah, I was wondering what happened to him too, when I saw him posting as a “guest”…did he leave, or was he kicked out by the moderators?

It looks like he was banned for comments in the Random Ramblings section.

I’ll withhold my comments on the moderators judgment.

What about Furnishedowner???

What about Furnishedowner???

What about them?

Haven’t seen Furnishedowner in two (2) weeks…

He signed on today @ 2:26.

You mean “she” signed on, right? and she may have signed on, but we haven’t heard from her… last post was on July 15th… at least we know she is lurking… :biggrin

Thanks for the update…

Mods warned me on my postings recently too.


Furnished had that trip to La Jolla.

well, I’ve only been on here for about a week now and I don’t know the story with Hooch and getting kicked of this site (if that’s the case), etc.

I DO know, however, that in the few posts I read and engaged him in, he gave straight up advice, which is what I think newbies like me need.

I’m bummed I won’t be able to learn more from him.