What strategy is your niche? And business model.

I am asking this question because i have done subject to investing, buy and hold, short sales, quick flips, wholesale.

What strategies would you guys use for majority of your business?

In other words, what is your niche?

I try to stick with sub2 and I do my best to birddog the rest. I tried to do some shortsales, but I really did not like dealing with sellers in foreclosure.

Flips and spec builds. I just sold all my rentals and don’t think I’ll be going back. I plan on building my self-directed IRA by loaning money to our investors. My team plans to become developers.

I am a buy/hold guy myself. I tend to focus on properties that will cashflow.

However, I also have a created a niche in handling short sales. I found out that I created a package and a way of dealing with Lenders that has been solid. Not to mention, a methond for dealing with sellers that have no equity.

Lately I am finding more and more people that simply are over-leveraged, and now are way in over their heads.

I’m into rehabbing. Not sure if I want to landlord yet or not. Market rents here are a bit low to cash flow really well, unless I get a total junker.

We just flip em right now.

I’m a landlord and I personally like the flipping process better. No need in messing with tenants that way. I love finding, rehabbing, and then selling. Much better than buying and renting, not much excitement there. Of course, some people might not call it excitement, but I do.