what steps did you take to automate your real estate business?

There are multiple ways to do this, all depends on what software you use and how it is all integrated. A simple solution could be either podio or investorfuse paired up with a dialer like mogo, calltools and zapier e.t.c Any other idea are welcome.

there are many options to automate. Its totally depends on your budget that you want to spent on your automation and what percentage of your work you want to be automated. There are many online project management apps like Procore which can take the automation to the next level for your business. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Is automation required for a small real estate business?

And my question is how an ordinary real estate investor can benefit from automatization?

I use Vtiger CRM and have been playing with Chatfuel chatbot on Facebook a bit. Just starting out so I don’t have much need for more than that so far. I’ve tried Zapier but I’ve had some issues getting it to do exactly what I want so I’ve written a few java utilities that auto-post to social media and scrape data from web pages.


We love our FB Messenger Bot - it is an automated flow that drives sellers to input address, phone and email by giving them auto-fills and prompts.

We also use Zapier to integrate our leads from our birddogs into our communication channels in Slack.

We also use an auto email responder on our Carrot site so when someone submits a webform it automatically sends them an email response asking a couple of basic questions about their property.

We also have Podio and it automatically integrates any calls we get into Podio which is our CRM.

Who did you get your messenger bot through? I keep seeing these pop up and think they would be a great tool but also weary of all of the snake oil salesman out there.

Use Zapier. It can automate lots of programs and tools I use

You definitely need a good real estate investing website that attracts leads and engages them once they land on your website.

It can engage them with Ebooks (personalized with you as the author) - this will get them to sign up to get them.

Once they sign up, a good website should have inbuilt autoresponders to engage them over time. This will nurture them and warm them up so they can do business with you. Notice that all this is automated.

Other than the website, depending on how you advertise, a Facebook messeger bot would come in quite handy to engage leads.

Zapier integration rocks. We use it for:
-posting articles to Social sites (FB, Twitter, etc.)
-importing new form leads from website into CRM

-Use a good CRM to automate your Follow up sequence (email, etc).