What state are you in?

I’m in Georgia.

Southern california to be exact. About 90 miles north of LA. in an area called the Inland Empire. A lot of potential out here.

:o There is potential in California? :stuck_out_tongue: What type of investing?

Oh and I’m in Ft Worth TX

I am in Columbus, GA


Northern CA here, Silicon Valley to be exac t. And I too would like to know what kind of opportunity! :o

Certainly cashflowing investmnents are utterly out of the question unless you have a huge amount to put down. Rehabs have potential everywhere but around here there is SO much more risk. When a tear-down is $900,000 you start to seriously reconsider rehabbing! I suppose there’s loads of preforeclosure opportunity if you’re willing to trudge through all the work that approach involves.

If you can actually find someone who would 100% owner finance you their house (and there are TONS of free & clear houses here) then that would sure be something, but I haven’t found one of 'em yet. Of course I’m also not looking! :slight_smile:


Buffalo New York here. Pretty Hot market, with the current county and city financial troubles the market is going up and down. it seems to be an investors paradise, but only for investors from out of town for some reason. i’m hoping that i can change that but we’ll see!

Houston and Austin Texas.

I’m in Connecticut, but will travel for the right market.

Is that something like “Have Hammer Will Travel”?

Im in Iowa. nebraska

Austin/Round Rock, TX

Silver Spring, MD

Naperville, IL

Redtigress, I’d hammer in the mornin’, I’d hammer in the evenin’, all over this land!

I’m in Appleton, Wisconsin. Its about 25 minutes south of Green Bay. I invest in mobile homes, closing on my first duplex, and also finishing my first SFR rehab. All with a full time job, beautiful wife and 4 kids to boot!


I’m in Ohio. The rehab market is booming in different areas, here! I guess everyone’s getting tired of Ohio winters and moving south! Either way, I’d like to get in the action now! ;D

Indianapolis, In I am wholesaling vacant properties 2-3 a month. Now going to into pre-foreclosure market. Good market here

I’m in Phoenix, AZ.

IM IN N.Y.C and if anyone can tell me how these guys are making money here i will give them $5000…its rediculous…houses cost 500k-600k and rent is only $1200-$1600 the most…what gives?

<<houses cost 500k-600k and rent is only $1200-$1600 the most…what gives?>>

Blue state!