What size bandit signs

What size do you guys use for bandit signs and which do you think is most effective. 12 x 18 is cheaper but all things being equal, I wonder if a larger sign produces more results and how large is too large. Your thoughts?

24 x 18
12 x 18
36 x 24

What do you use and why?


Bigger the better. I’ve put out my 24x18’s and seen nearby 12x18’s, there’s no competition there.

The 12x18’s are barely visible, not accounting for the potential speed drivers are traveling at.

I’ve never seen 36x24’s. It’s hard for me to imagine if that’s crossing the line as too big, i’d imagine they’d be the FIRST to be taken down, but also they’d attract the MOST leads.

I would go with the largest bandit sign you can afford. The larger the sign, the more likely it will grab people’s attention.