What sites does everyone use to get comps on a certain area?

Hi all,
I need to find out. I know zillow isn’t the best. Are there any other free sites, notice I didn’t say free “trials”, I really need to get some comps together to get accurate picture of whether I get put a good deal together or not. Thanks!

Nothing free that I know of will give you the accuracy you’ll need to put together good comps. You can use the free sites to get an “Idea” of what a house is worth but nothing concrete. Your best bet is to become friendly with a Realtor. Probably not what you wanted to hear because if you’re like me you feel uncomfortable contacting a Realtor but it’s really the only way.

Hope that helps

Thanks Scott. I’m going to try that. I don’t have the moola to pay for an online service like RealtyTrac and such.

try cyberhomes.com
In atlanta ajchomes.com have some sales data available
realquest can give you an idea also

Setting Up For Comparable Sales

Phase 1. Get a rough estimate from Zillow.com to see if the property has any equity.

Phase 2. If it looks like you might have a deal, purchase a single report from RealQuest.com for $4.99.

Phase 3. After you have a few properties under your belt, network with a few investors in adjacent counties that you meet through Facebook or Myspace Real Estate. That way, you’ll be able to evaluate deals for each other, therefore enhancing your mastermind group. Each investor should setup an auto-pay for the monthly fees with their bank so access won’t be restricted for non-payment.

Hope this helps,

Matt Gerchow