What should my tenant screening process be?

This is for an RV park that does 6 month to one year leases…

I know to check for criminal background and prior evictions.

But what about screening for income?

If I’m trying to rent a place for $175/week, how much income do they need to have?

If I’m trying to rent for $800/month, how much income do they need to have?

Keep in mind that this is a trailer park and I’m not sure how good of tenants I can get in a trailer park, because if they had better income, they would either own a house or rent an apartment…

Also, should I check for their previous landlord references? Or previous address?


Three times the rental / lease amount per week / month!



That’s what I’ve heard and seems almost ridiculous.

This is a trailer park.

I’ve never been able to get someone to agree to this, even good tenants.

At this point. I am hoping this whole site isn’t a wild goose chase.


What do mean by "I've never been able to get someone to agree to this, even good tenants." this is not up to the tenant!!!

Either they have income 3 times the amount of rent or you don’t rent to them! That’s it, there is no renter decision at all!!

And if your not smart enough to understand this is how you protect your self from the possibility of an eviction I can’t help you!

I would rather have a unit empty for months than put someone in who does not make enough money to pay for housing, pay there bills and be able to buy food / pay for gas in their car!

And I certainly don’t want someone who prioritizes booze, drug and prostitute money before they think about paying there rent!


It’s just that I don’t want to leave the park empty.

I’ve had people tell me they “easily make enough to pay the rent on tips,” and have had people tell me their parents are paying the rent and had them be good tenants.

I’ve turned down people for being self employed because I didn’t feel comfortable with it, even if they otherwise might have made good tenants.

From now on, I will require three times income for them to move in.

Should I have a minimum requirement for length at their current employer?

Are you renting out the trailers or just renting out the spaces and they have their own trailer? I don’t get it about the by-the-week fee.

How hard is it to get tenants out? If you can hook up to their rig and pull them into the street without notice, that is one thing. If it takes you a full year to evict, that is entirely different Seriously, I would have to give mobile home owners a full year’s notice to vacate where I live and sometimes you have to pay them relocation money. You’d better believe I’d be strict about who gets in.

If it is an RV park, like a campground, I think you need to see what other RV parks are charging and what they require to get in. Also, how many other parks have spaces available so that your potential clients could just go down the block and rent elsewhere. I’ve never had a campground check my references, but I’ve never stayed more than a week and they have my credit card number.

I like to see enough income to pay the rent, which is three times the rent, and I count take-home income, not gross.

If you are like most RV parks, you are paying for their water, sewer, trash, and electricity. I would sure hate to be struggling to get a deadbeat out while I was paying for all of his utilities.

The long stay campground in my area has a serious problem with crime, police calls for violent felonies. Be sure to check criminal.