What should I tell this Realtor??? ASAP

I emailed a local realor asking her to let me know of any deals that fit my buying criteria on the MLS, we emailed back and forth a few times and her last email she asked me the following:

"Thanks for the feedback and information! I have an investor that I work with at the present time in the XXXX area. The problem there is that the property is becoming too expensive and everything has been rehabbed in one way or another!

Tell me a little bit more about how you would like to work these homes as well as if you are financing them, paying cash, etc…"

Now, my question is what should I tell her? I am focused on wholesaling at this time but scared if I tell her that she will not help me or take me serious. I am debating mentioning wholsaling because scared she will not know that that is, should I and should I explain the steps I take to wholesale a properrty? any comments will be greatly appreciated!

Also just to confirm, Wholesaling and assigning contracts is legal in all states? Im located in South Carolina. :banghead

Just tell her that you specialize in ugly, vacant homes and that you pay cash on all of your deals. If she runs across an ugly vacant house that she does not plan on listing you will be interested in the lead.

I would not mention any more than that…don’t say wholesaling as I have made that mistake because it usually opens up all kinds of questions.

Just ask her if you can call her or meet her in person since you both have a lot of questions. Not sure how you can set up a good relationship via email. If you just give her criteria in an email, you’ll be one of the last people she calls.

Good point Dee. A good relationship with a realtor is a plus for your real estate career. I would treat her to lunch and talk to her in person and you can then write off as a business expense.

just re asking a question that scflipper had that was not answered.
Wholesaling and assigning contracts is legal in all states?