What should I say?

I’m starting to build up my buyer’s list, and I have a few bandit sign numbers in front of me, but I’m not quite sure what to tell them when they pick up the phone.

I have pretty bad phone fright, and I just want to know what kind of introduction I should give them when they pick up the phone.

I know after that I ask them contact information (Name,#, E-mail), where they like to buy, what profit margin they work under, and if they use cash or borrowed money. Is there anything I’m missing from that? All help is greatly appreciated.

hm, maybe I should rephrase my question.

How do you guys introduce yourselves on the phone? like do you just say something like “I’m john doe and I’m a local wholesaler in the area, and I was wondering if you were looking for good deals in the area” I’m just wondering what your guys’ approach is.

I don’t use bandit signs. I go to where the buyers are, and network with them, e.g., local REI clubs.

I mean when you call other people’s bandit sign numbers, how do you introduce yourselves.

I would say “Hi My name is xxxx and occasionally I get people who want to sell their house. I noticed your ad and would like to ask you a few questions.” They will say Ok and then ask them whatever you want. If it were me I would ask the following questions…

  1. what area (county or region) do you like to work in
  2. how do you want to be notified when I get properties (email, telephone, etc)
  3. I would ask if there is any particular type of property that they are limited to but that is up to you.

awesome, thanks for the quick reply, I’ll give that a try tomorrow, thanks again terry.

You’re afraid to call them because subconsciously you think you’re annoying them like most telemarketers annoy 95% of the people they call.

Instead, feel GOOD about what you are doing, which is providing a service to someone who you KNOW is in the business and looking for houses to buy. They buy houses. You sell houses. They are going to WANT to hear from you.

Once you make one or two successful calls, the fear will melt away.

One other thing, most of these phone numbers are going to go straight to voice-mail, so have your script down as far as what you’re going to say in your message.

“Good afternoon, my name is John Doe, and like you, I am in the ‘I Buy Houses’ business. I’d like to learn more about the kinds of deals you’re looking for, because I often have deals that I need to refer elsewhere. Please give me a call to let me know if you’d like me to stay in touch with you. My phone number, which I’ll repeat, is (slowly) 555…55…55. That’s 555…55…55. Again, my name is John Doe. Thanks, and good luck with your business.”

I like this approach.

This is great advice, you’re absolutely right about the “I think I’m bugging them” deal. I worked as a telemarketer for ~4 months, which may not seem long, but when every minute you dread talking to people cause they always tell you to “F off” 8 hour shifts seem like forever.

ring ring ring
I buy ugly houses: Hello!
Me: Hi. My name is anthony lopez. I’m a local real estate investor. I do whole sales for a living and i was wondering if you might need any more deals sent your way besides the ones you already have?
I buy ugly houses: Well, sure we’re always looking for good deals.
Me:Great. Then let me just ask you a few questions and i’ll get you added to my list of potential buyers.
I buy ugly houses: Great.

that’s where you go on to ask what ever questions you have. i.e. what kind of money they have to buy houses, can they close quickly, do they finance or pay cash, etc. etc.

I’m still new at this and I have had great results calling and advertising for new investors. If I get the # from a bandit sign I say “Hey I saw one of your signs that you buy houses?”

Well yes I do.

Thats great, I’ve been doing some wholesaling myself is this one of the strategies you utilize?


Well the reason for my call is I often run across people looking to get rid of their house fast. Now, these folks all have differnt situation that match up perfectly with different investors, and I’m looking to exspand my network of investors who are looking for profitable real estate transaction. I was curious do you currently have all the deals you can handle or would you mind if I could toss a few your way in the future?

Yeah I would love another set of eyes.

Hey great, to get a better Idea of what you are looking for would you mind if I sent you an email with a link that takes you to a question answer section, that allows you to tell me what your looking for so I can start finding some nice deals for you?

No my email is joebuyer@hotmail.com. (You know have a phone# and email)

Well great Joe, I’ll send that link to you and I’ll check in with every few weeks just to keep you up to speed.


I typically will say, “Hi this is Eric Medemar with offersinaday.com, and we sometimes end up with too many homes to buy in the area, in that case we pass out leads to other investors” Then I go into a script of qualifying them to see if they are worthy of my time.

I like to always say the hello with my website name, becasue if they are getting the call in a voicemail box, then they can go online to check out your website and see that you arent some “wanna be carleton sheets rookie” even though you might be, with the internet perception is reality. Having a website does tend to build credibiliy with investors.