What should I say to Distressed property owners when knocking doors

I am starting to knock doors with distressed property owners and I was curious to know the best way to approach them at the door and be non offensive. I welcome any and all suggestions.


Foreclosures.com has a few you have to seaech for them.

They stress the point of trying to get the homeowner to talk…

Hello Mr/Ms I am interested in your property and wondered what your plans might be.
They call the above an “open ended probe”. Straight to the point!

I’ve tried all types of approaches, but as of yet I have not had any leads.
Most of the responses I have received were " I already took care of it" or “I am going to have the money next week to catch up”. One person told me to “back away from the door”.

In all cases I just left my business card hoping that they would call…

Hope this helps

Try not to go straight to the door - especially in Texas. You could ge shot. Read my post earlier on the psychology of the whole foreclosure issue. Oh and for the previous poster nine times out of ten, those are what we call in the Psych industry “Ego saving” and are really covering up the fact that they mostly don’t know what the heck to do. Try the three phased approach that I mentioned … sure, it takes a while and they often only have two weeks to repond before the bank takes it BUT the process is very important. Oh, and do NOT drive up in a BMW or Merc in a Gucci Suit … it is just going to rub salt into their “wounds” and you will be further behind the eight ball.

Thats my problem, the only cars I own are BMW’s…I really don’t think that will go over well if some young adult walks out of a BMW and asks to buy someone’s home. I am worried about getting a load of shotgun salt up my a$$.

gmtmaster -

You’ve seen those decals people put on their cars that looks like a bullet hole? Find a place that makes them along with authentic looking dents, scratches, and rust, and put some on your Beamer. Then the person may take heart knowing your car “looks” in terrible shape.

Also, put a cherry bomb (or whatever its called) on/in your muffler to make it sound horrendous.