What should I give the Bank??

I am preparing to make an offer to the bank for a property that has already been to foreclosure. What type of information should I be giving to the bank? Are there any books that will help with this information? Is there any one who offers packages available to purchase that will give exactly the information the bank is looking for?

All commments are appreciated.

Thank you :help

What the bank wants is to sell the property, plain and simple. This is no different than buying from any seller but for the lack of sentimental attachment. Figure out what you’re willing to pay for the property and make an offer.

the bank will tell you exactly what it wants. Add some photos of repairs and submit that as well if you can

You should call the county that the property is in and find out what it sold for at the sherrifs sale. Some state’s laws only allow the bank to recieve so much money during the redemption period. I just did a deal that the bank bid 241K at the auction and I listed the home and got an offer at 289K…thats a 48K spread!!!does it get any better than that!!!

thanks to everyone for their comments