What should i do?

Hi everyone let me get straight to the question. I wanted to know after i assign a contract do i take the contract to the same title company where i began the title search at?

That would be a good idea since they provided the prelim for your. I would also recommend you try build a repore with a title company so that they will give you a discount on your title insurance policies.

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You might also check with the investor you assign the contract to. When someone assigns a contract to me, I like to use my own title company due to what I have negotiated, and because I typically pay all closing costs. I also like to have control of the transaction, and dealing with people at the title company I have a relationship with already makes it that much easier. That said, I am not opposed to using another title company if the rates are similar, especially if preliminary work has already been done, allowing the deal to be done in a shorter amount of time.

Bottom line, talk to your end buyer, do what makes sense for him or her. A good investor will take control of the transaction, make sure all goes smoothly, see that you get paid at closing, and look to you for more deals!

So basically what you saying is i can close at another title company even though i started the preliminary work at another title company?

The title company gets paid when you close. Your first title company may charge you for a search, or for a cancellation fee if you go someplace else. Depends on what you have worked out with them, how much business you give them on a regular basis, etc.

no you dont have to close at the same title company but if they are halfway good I reccomend it. Title co’s are a necessary evil. Now, say you do switch title co’s after opening up with another, it usally shows at prelim time thus they usally call your first title co to ask if everything is cool or are you trying to change companies cause there is something you not telling them. But nontheless it still is commonplace to change compaines occasionally.

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