what should I do and thank you

I have found a house that is pending REO and am having a hard time getting any info on this house my question is what time frame does it take to make a home REO if it is pending??What should I do in the mean time? thank you

P.S. This site is the greatest I have went through the C.S. program and found lots of information to be missing i think, but since I joined this site I have learnd so much and I fell confadent in investing in Real Estate and I just want to say THANKS!


Howdy Rick:

Some of the REO’s take months before you can get information. Some are Hud or fannie mae or VA and it just takes time to work thru the system. Back in the RTC days I saw some take over a year before they even came up for sale. All the failed banks etc and no one know what was what and there were thousands of properties too.

I do not know the best answer about what to do either except keep checking the status and asking around to try to learn what is happening. There is no majic button to push. If you find one let us all know.