I have a big problem right now. I am trying to sell a rehab and am constantly getting negative feedback about the neighbors. The house shows really well but prospective buyers are always making comments about the neighbors. They are leaving trash on the property, pulling my sign out of the ground and knocking it over, they have several cars parked on the side of the house where they shouldn’t be, and several other issues.

What I have done: calls into the police about the situation along with mentions of possible drug activity.

calls into code enforcement to send letters or ticket for violations. I am not making any progress with any of this.

I have even tried to bribe the neighbors with a big party if they get it together and help me sell the house. NO LUCK!

What should I do? Any suggestions are appreciated :slight_smile:

With the neighboring properties looking bad, I always volunteer to have their house paint, lawn mowed or junk removed for free. I’ve never had anyone refuse free service after a little persuasion.

If that doesn’t work put up a privacy fence. If they are parking cars in your yard, don’t knock on their door and ask them to move it, have it towed! A prospective buyer is not going to want to deal with the same behavior from these idiots either so you need to isolate the house from the neighborhood. With this behavior going on and a possible drug house next door, security would be a major concern for any buyer. Stop by the house several times a week and clean up after these fools while you try to sell it anyway. Someone is at all of my renovated houses every week cleaning, vacuuming, replenishing flyers, taking care of the lawn, etc.

The neighbors have probably been pigs for years and aren’t going to change anytime soon. Don’t try to change their behavior, just stay on top of the issues until you sell.

That is a great point, I doubt anyone would refuse if I offered to clean up the yard for them. It just makes me so angry that I have to do that but me being angry isn’t getting my house sold. Also, the cars aren’t parked on my property but right on the edge of their property on the side of the driveway. In our city you aren’t allowed to park in the dirt off the driveway within 20 feet of the curb. Thanks for the suggestion will do what I can.

Unfortunately you have learned a great lesson. ALWAYS look at any potential purchase as if YOU will be living there. If you don’t want to live next to a junk yard most potential buyers are going to feel the same. The advice you received is great. Make the clean up offer. If they want to break your #@^&% they may refuse. In the past when I have a problem tenant I’ve made him an offer. Get out in 10 days and I’ll give you $1000 free and clear. Cash talks when it comes to idiots. Offer them some money if they help you sell the house. Tell them your paying a realtor a commission and they can do more to help you than any realtor. Explain it like it’s a simple business transaction. Everyone wins. It may kill you to cut that check but in the long run you’ll be glad you did.

I just sold a house where the neighboors were a big problem. They were constantly on my porch, kids in the back yard playing, they even put stuff behind my garage for storage.

I tried to talk to them about it but they “didn’t speak the English”. I just decided to kill them with kindness. I edged their sidewalks, picked up things in both lawns, blew off their sidewalks and driveway, even returned their empty garbage cans to their garage after trash days. Pretty soon they started to help me with things around my yard. Not only did I help myself, but made thier house look nicer on the outside which in turn made it better for perspective buyers.

Anger never sold a house, your right. I tried it over and over and over. Good luck to you.