What should a wholesaler spend most time doing

If there is a successful wholesaler out who can let me know what they spend the most time doing that would be great. I want to know what are the most important things i should be doing. I want to know what are the things that i must do,and what are the things i can out source

Finding buyers
Finding deals
Marketing properties

Mr Investor you missed one…Building relationships.

You should not think of outsourcing unless the time you save by outsourcing is spent making money. You outsource when you can no longer handle it yourself, or time does not allow it. Having that said, you could utilize services such as mail houses etc.

What you will find is that you have many challenges. It is difficult to say one has higher priority than others. I would have to say education is the most important thing. I am not talking about listening to courses… More about knowing how to find deals, what marketing strategies you will do, how to evaluate the deals, how to negotiate…etc.

Knowledge will lead to much better negotiation position, and will open up your networking and relationships.