what service for bandit signs?

i’m looking to obtain cheap bandit signs. preferably one’s with H-steaks.

what do you guys recommend and how much are you paying per sign? i’m looking for dirt cheap.


This has been covered a lot on this forum. Just run a search for bandit signs, search is up there on the top 3rd one over. Herbster

i saw some older posts but was hoping to get what people are using “today”. banditsigns.com doesn’t seem to be as cheap as i hoped.

OK I use supercheapsigns. I think the last batch was $225/100 but you’ll have to check. From time to time they email me with specials. They are water proof and have good H steaks. The more you buy the cheaper they get. Herbster

I don’t know if they are the cheapest, but you might try www.BanditSigns.com. They were having a special. I know many people like the H wire posts, but they bend in the wind, so this company recommends the wood stakes sunk about 1 foot deep.

They are also offering their Audio CD’s for FREE by download. Look at the left menu about midway down for Informational Software - FREE Audio Downloads. Find out what works. :dance2