What section of the paper do you find recent divorce cases?

I’m assuming this is done around once a week (weekend paper?). If so i’ll have to wait until this weekend to check it out. I was wonering where you typically find this type of listing. Thanks for any info.

Anytime I have seen them it was in the “Legals” section.


whatever paper call the paper and talk to a customer rep they will let you know when and how many times things like preforeclosures , divorce, probate , and things like that are put in the paper

In my local paper they print births, marriages, and divorces once a week on different days on the same page as the obituaries.

Wow! In my hometown, they only print the paper once a month!

(No, really, this is true!)


definately under the Legal section…I think I have seen some declaring theirselves free of debt under personal sections.