What 's my best option?

I don’t see how people can be comfortable with being poor rather than try to make some effort to make their lives better. Are you like most people who will pass by a bum on the side of the road with those help me signs? Or those homeless people on the corner begging for spare change?

I for one try to see a marketing opportunity when walking the streets. Although I don’t agree with everything this guy says, Kelly Luvs uses the folks on the street (which he refers to as his bum army), gives them bandit signs. Thought that was pretty smart. Anyway, a bit off topic. But regarding what the other dude said about why some make it and some don’t, very interesting question. You see this very clear when you go to r.e investor meetings. Lots of people get all dressed up like their going to the prom, sit and get great info, shake lots of hands, then when you see them at the next meeting and ask them “so how many leads you get this week?” and they look at you like you’re speaking a foreign language! haha. But I think it more than just that their lazy. It’s that they lack confidence too. I mean, you can’t tell me that they don’t tell themselves that they can’t make it, then it manifests itself. In the Wyclef example, I honestly think sometimes when people are faced with no other option but to succeed, they pull through. Fight or flight.

Wow! A bum army? That is something I don’t get to see everyday. He is paying these people to this isn’t he? It may be smart but that is pretty low to use people like that and not get some compensation for it.

I didn’t say that his “army” wasn’t compensated. Then again I don’t know exactly how much he compensates them. I guess the point is it’s a good idea that YOU can use to help these folks, and benefit from a marketing perspective for yourself.

At least they get something for it whatever that is.