What REI strategy is most lucrative today?

I am interested in hearing what everyone thinks about where the money is at in your given part of the country. Whether its short sales, wholesaling, buy and hold, sub2, etc…

There are so many stories out there, and I sometimes you just need to get a grip on it

Thanks everyone, and happy holidays

Buy at a huge discount and hold. The tried and true method.

DITTO what John said!


Thanks Mike and John.

Good to hear consistency on a general topic like that.

Mike, what are your thoughts on out of state landlording? I live in Hawaii, and have some opportunities elsewhere.

I see a lot more people interested in wholesaling now. Whether they can find people with cash to wholesale to, though, is a different story. Some people tell me that the pool of investor buyers with the balls to rehab a house are all gone, others say they are still doing it fine.

A lot of folks are quickly becoming short sale experts out of necessity, almost.

We all know it’s a great time to buy and hold, but whether you can do that or not depends on whether you have funding that allows you to do that in bulk, or whether you can find houses to buy subject-to that don’t need a lot of cash to get in (reinstatements, repairs, etc).

Thanks Alan. Hearing the same thing and echo your words exactly

What’s lucrative is dependent on current market conditions in your area. In some areas short sales or buy and holds might be best some areas wholesaling or rehabbing is best.

Check in your area what the current market conditions is. What is the percentage of renters renting in your area,what is the percentage of home buyers buying homes in your area so forth and so on.

A weak economy, housing market, and a credit crisis to me means many would-be homeowner’s are sitting on the sidelines because of fear of buying a home in these times. If you have the money and credit to get into some places, now is an excellent time to buy and hold. You have to find a good honest team to help you with out of state properties if that’s what you want to do. You will need to find a good plumber, handyman, and someone to manage your properties if you invest away from home.