What Real Estate Agents Think About

no money down guys.

there’s a general concensus out there that real estate agents think “no money down guys” are out to lunch. especially the ones that call up and ask about commercial buildings and want to buy them with no money down.

being an agent myself, it’s hard to not fall into the trap of closing your mind to the prospects of working with investors who want to buy with nothing down. i must say though for every person you run into that actually can perform, you run into 20 that really don’t have a clue and they can really waste your time.

for those that are just getting started with “no money” - be realistic in your approach and set small goals…

I am not a real estate agent, but people never waste my time. Since I don’t trade time for money in the real estate world, I use my time to get as many people as possible what they need. I have found that the way to get what you want out of life is to help others get what they want out of life. In other words if you give that guy that can’t do a deal with respect and educate him, you may find that he can do some other type of deal and end up making you a lot of money over time. Some people don’t need to be in the real estate business. Helping them come to that conclusion is not a waste of time, because it is an opportunity to add another sphere of contact you your world. That person may end up doing some other type of real estate or he may have a friend that will ask him if he knows of a real estate agent that can help him and your name will be the first out of his mouth.

Or I guess I don’t know the “job” of real estate agent and would be wasting my time.

What u wrote certainly sounds better than what I wrote.
The reality for me is that time certainly is limited and therefore very valuable. Time management is what counts.
So for me, it’s about alotting time to certain tasks.
I wasn’t saying I turn away from anyone. Notice the linked site in my signature.
Time is the ultimate reality. Spending too much time with those that can’t perform in a deal FOR ME is not the best way to cash in my minutes.
Thus I alott time for helping everyone to the extent that the value of my time is maximized. :slight_smile:

Maybe I dont get the purpose of this post or it’s just kinda late and I’m being dense.

I don’t think most agents work with investors anyway, let alone zero down investors since subprime just took a nosedive. In my market, most sellers don’t have to be creative since it’s a hot market. A residential or commercial investor can do zero down by finding the deal and using a money partner, but newbies aren’t often trusted with that level of responsibility.

Just trying to be realistic. Sure you can do zero money investing, but each market is different and it depends on your relationships with experienced investors or private lenders.