What r Qualifying questions to ask when determining who to use for a short sale?

This is my first post to this forum. I am going to be doing a short sale on my house. I havn’t done this before so I wanted to know if there are any questions I should ask the person who wants to do the short sale to help me to determine if they are qualifed or have the experence I need. I have two people who want to do it for me, but both of them have sent me release authorization forms asking for my social #. Both forms were created in word and do not have any business header or information of who they actually are. Is there information I need to get from them before I give them all my information, or is this normal procedure? Any help would be appriciated. Thanks

One thing you’ll want to check is that they actually have the cash available for the purchase, and are not going to be rushing at the last moment to find a partner with funds. You could ask how many short sales they have done too.

If signing that paper with your ssn makes you nervous, you could opt for a 3 way phone call with your lender. I’m assuming they are local, so you could meet them and listen to how they approach the lender. You’ll be able to guage their experience a little better, and any investor that operates legitamately will be more than willing to let you do that. I’ve done it for people myself.

Above all, read everything you sign very carefully. You never know what is hidden in some of those contracts.

Good luck.

Thank you for your insight.