What questions should you ask a real estate investing coach


I’m new to REI and considering getting a REI coach. What questions should I ask them and what questions should I be asking them that will benefit me the most? I plan to start “wholesaling” then transition into “rehabbing” once I get a firm understanding of wholesaling.

Additionally, I’m a realtor and I’m new to wholesaling. Also, I’m considering having a coach assist me for a short period of time i.e., about 1 month on the deals I locate. Please refer any coaches you know so I can contact them as well as tell me of your best practices and lessons learned in this process so I ensure I have a smooth transition if i decide to go this route. I’ve already located thirty potential opportunities in my market and have already filled out offer letters for these homes. These properties are mostly REOs and Short Sells that have very long DOMs but I want to ensure my offer is written write and the formula for each are correct.

If anyone knows a coach that can support me with the following:

My thought is I’ll identify the properties and submit 10 offers per week for 4 weeks on properties I locate and have my coach review the offers for accuracy and assist me with identifying end buyer investors to ensure we close each. The coach would get paid from the proceeds of the closings - Does anyone know coaches that work in this capacity or similar? My goals is to close on 5 deals per week submitting 10 plus offers weekly to reach my goal.

Thanks for listening…I hope this doesn’t sound corny



I am sure there are many mentors out there would be willing to work with you and teach you the ropes. I recommend you locate actual cash buyers in your area. Check out their success rate on how many offers they close a month? How do they fund their deals? Discuss possible Joint Venture to earn and learn.

Great idea…any suggestions on how to locate them in my area?