What price to sell at.

I have 4 short sales in progress right now. I was wondering what price to sell them at if I don’t whole sale them out. Some are in really good condition and need just paint and carpet.

I would guess that you should sell them between $1 and $25 million. Or perhaps you should provide some details…?


Ok for the 1st property it’s a 3 family ARV of 222K needs about 40K in rehab work. Price from the bank I am looking to get is 80-90K.

2nd property is a Condo ARV of 138K needs about 10K in rehab paint, carpet and cleaning. Bank offer 80K

3rd Property SF ARV 180K needs about 8-10K in rehab (on the high side) Bank offer 100-110K

4th property SF ARV 167K needs 25K in rehab bank offer 81K