I’ve tried emailing anybody and everybody that I thought might help. As of know I’ve yet to recieve any positive answers. Maybe it was me not being good enough to sell myself. Really that’s all it can be. I put off walking through housed as long as I could. I’ve tried to educate myself, understand laws, get to know the market so that when I did go out and make offers that I wouldn’t look stupid. Honesty, its not that hard for me to do. I have run across four lake lots to good to be true. I can only show facts and hard evidence that what I’ve before to present is gold. Two lots if they don’t sell before friday evening then there gone. These two lots I need an answer asap to go ahaed and put them on hold. I have good ties with the agent, there’s 20,000 to 30,000 to be made on each lot and nothing has to be done but purchase them and put them back on the market to my agent that way I show him thanks for the hold. Two weeks at the most, he told me today that people are paying cash up front. I have till about 1:00 tomorrow if that long to act. What more can I do