What management software are U using

I would like to know what software others are using to manage(accounting, forms etc) their properties. I know Intuit offers a package but I was wondering if there might be something better. Several of the office stores offer packages as well but I was hoping to fing something that’s all inclusive for someone starting out with 3 - 10 properties.

I use Excel.


The Trump Institute has an ABSOLUTELY Amazing Software that can manage up to 99 properties at once and can do anything you ever dreamed about Real Estate-wise. From writing up contracts, to goverment grants, to doing appraisals, to most importantly punchin in the numbers and seeing if the bottom line will benefit you! It ROCKS! However, it does cost 2 grand and I believe you can obtain it through their website www.trumpinstitute.com if not and you are interested on receiving more info on it you can just call their number I’m sure.

I am only 21 and JUST getting into Real Estate though so I don’t know a whole lot about what else is out there- but I DEFINITELY think this is worth lookin in to! :slight_smile:

I can get a house, fi it up, put renters in it, and cashflow a couple hundred bucks a month for less than $2K and about 120 days of my time!

Excel came on my computer for free…