What makes a great domain/company name?

I have been wanting to put together a website or probably three… seller, investor, owner occupied… and have been contemplating domain names and site titles.

Obviously site layout and content are extremely important, but what kind of names make motivated sellers comfortable when the see your site or marketing material? Do they want to see things like ABC Investing Co. or ABC Properties Inc.? Do they want to see a corporation or do they want to see something a little more personal? What key words do you think are good and which one’s do you think should be avoided when putting a title or company name on a page?

I am also curious about what you think buyers like to see… investors and owner occupied buyers.


you may want to look at my article on selecting domain names.

To summarize, your domain should not be your company’s name. You can have something like www.cashoffer4houses.com www.cashfast4homes.com www.webuywhateverhouses.com

Personally, I think that when you are building a site to gather information on investors or buyers, the site’s domain shouldn’t be your company name such as ABCProperties.com

That domain should be left to your branding site. The sites you are talking about should have keywords people search for to help you in ranking.

That way, when people search for: “sell my house now” and see a domain sellmyhousenow.com, they’ll click on that thing immediately.

Wouldn’t you?

Good luck and pm me if you have anymore questions.


Thanks, that gives me something to go on and it does make a lot of sense. I currently do have a few domains but as mentioned above they are more suited towards branding.

Fadi, I have looked at your website and I am looking into using wordpress to get started. I have read the article on Domain selection but I will.

Thanks again

The most important thing that I have noticed is not the name of the website or company, but the amount of marketing that you do to build the brand. The more consistent you are with your marketing, the better results you’ll see.

That being the case you’ll need a 12 month marketing plan designed to drive traffic to the site and sell your products and services. In that plan you need to set a schedule for when and where your marketing will occur, as well as who you are trying to reach and what the message to them will be.

Keep it short, less than 15 letters. Also try to avoid any dashes (-) or underlines (_) people are used to seeing domains without these characters and it’s likely they won’t type in your domain correctly.

Make it easy to remember! Just words seems the best way to remember it. Also see what is already in use and don’t make it too similar, so that the people wouldn’t end up in another site when they want to come to yours.

Hey I used to work for one of the TOP Internet Marketers in the United States and I know what he does… it’s what many of the top marketers do… do your keyword research and create a domain name that has your keywords in it. Domain names with highly searched keywords get you higher rankings on Google. Be sure to use your keywords as much as you can on your site.

Ok… that’s enough free info. Anymore and I’ll have to charge you! (j/k) :deal

That’s a lot of great information. Thanks. I have have done some searching and its hard to find a good domain name that’s available in a .com or at least I have a hard time because I get stuck in a rut when trying to come up with names. I did come up with one though that I registered… actnow4cashoffer which will be for my sellers. Now I have to work on the site. I am following FADI’s advice for a website and have started working on the site here at home. Hopefully I’ll have the site completed in a few weeks.

tee, they are out there… I have purchased some not long ego off of ebay, all were nice names not to mention the ones I found myself. do a search on ebay for :“real estate” .com

Another approach is to look for one using domainsbot.com and type in combination of words. search for combinations like cash fast, fast cash, houses, and such.

Also, not sure what you’re name is, but can do buyshouses.com or 4fastcash.com assuming you have a nice short name people can remember.

Hopefully this will help; it’s a free tool you can use to generate good and available domain ideas. The site is http://www.nameboy.com. It’s pretty easy to use; just enter words or phrases you want to have in your domain and check the boxes if you want a rhyming or hyphenated domain and wait for it to give you results.

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