What makes a good Bird Dog?

I’m very new to the real estate world, so I have been educating myself before jumping in. My plan is to Bird Dog for awhile so that I can learn the business, then Wholesale, then buy and Rent.

Through my research I have been hearing from other investors that they have’nt had any luck in dealing with Bird Dogs, or that they just don’t bring them any good deals.

I want to know what makes a good Bird Dog?

What are investors looking for when working with Bird Dogs?

Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

All my Bird dogs do for me is get me lists of FSBOs I dont feel like driving around town and collecting. Saves me a lot of time and effort. If I close on a deal brought to me I pay $250-1000.
Now if a bird dog called up the seller and gathered all the info I need on the deal I would gladly pay them more for that information.

They are looking for someone 1. who is hungry to learn the business 2. Have a flexible schedule 3.Have reilable transportation. Theirs more but thats all I can think of right now.

From my point of view, a good bird dog would be someone who listens.

I tell them what I am looking for and they still try to sell me deals that I have no interest in. It’s a waste of everybody’s time.

Also, a good bird dog would know what is a good deal and what is not. Too many of them think whatever they can get under contract and try to sell must be a good deal. Maybe it would be for them. But I won’t buy it unless it is a good deal for me.