What lists are best for yellow letters?

I paid for a list of “out of town owners” to send yellow letters to. I’m not sure that is the best list for yellow letters? Would post cards be better for “out of town owners”?

What type of lists are good for yellow letters and what type of lists are good for post cards? Please advise… :help

Yellow letter or “Mary” letter sre sent to the same 6 prospect groups and postcards are not as effective.

the groups are


I currently mail out

day 1- Professional Letter

day 5- Check Letter

day 8- Mary Letter

day 13 and 30 Post card

marketing done correctly is much more than a stamp and an envelope

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Yellow letters get you more response than postcards.

If you really wanted to slaughter your list and get the maximum response out of it, you would have to do it the Michael Quarles way and use a variety of different mail pieces.

If you were to do only 1 kind of mailing to a certain list, go with yellow letters.


What is COI?

I’ve used MelissaData.com for my out of town owners list but they don’t seem to have many options for lists for investors. Can you recommend a good mail merge company and a good list company to use?

Thanks much! :smile

I can but i cant on the board. If I may say one thing… The list isnt important… doing something with the list is… So many investors think that this is a get rich quick business and all you have to do is hang a sign or send mail… Bull crap… You have to work your butt off. and you better have someone in your corner fixing your cuts and telling you what youre doing wrong or your wont make it to the end of the fight. It is easy to get knocked out in this game…

Good Luck


I am a very hard worker. Being fairly new to real estate investing, I bought and recently rehabbed a home and have it on the market now. It was a huge rehab for someone just starting out, but I successfully completed it and it’s beautiful.

I realize that being a successful investor requires a lot of hard work. I was just asking for a reliable company that sells good lists for investors. If the list isn’t good… what can you do with that? There’s so many companies advertising to investors for lists, how is one to know which one is a good one?

If anyone out there can help me with this request…I’m very appreciative.

Thanks! :smile

I’ve never done out of town owner lists but I’ve directly spoken to many investors whom have.

Some of them use ONLY yellow letters to out of town owners.
Some of them use a variety of Richard Roop stuff.

It seems to be working for them…

The best best way to be above all your competition is to have a variety of different kinds of mail pieces hitting your prospect.

I’m guilty of not doing it but I am currently working on creating different kinds of mail pieces to NOD’s.


Thanks! I wasn’t sure if yellow letters was appropriate for out of town owners… now I’ll send them.

Thanks again! :biggrin

I get all of my farms from First American Title for free…

Thanks Michael for the info. :smile