what liabilities / risks do birddogs face?

Hi, I’m interested in being a birddog and have done some online and offline research. This may be a very basic question but I haven’t seen any real straight answers on it.

What are the liability risks of a birddog, if he gets involve in assigning a contract to a real estate investor? Do birddogs get sued-they’re living and breathings, so I assume they do. Given the low margins, hiring a real estate attorney for each transaction isn’t financially feasible.

What’s the thing you’ve really got to watch out for?

bird dogs typically dont even sign a contracts, bird dogs many times just locate properties, then tell people who are willing to pay them for being told.

If you are talking about assigning, it would be possible to get sued as you can be sued for breathing wrong, but with full disclosure, you can by a property using a assignee clause, then assign it, Once you have assigned a contract you are completely out of the picture, the assignee becomes the responsible party for the contract and all of its obligations