What lead generation method do you practice the most?

Curious to see how most of you spend your time generating leads

There is no one lead generation method that I prescribe to—I tend to look at marketing from a multiple sources of income approach…

Here are some of the few I am most active with at the moment:

  • Forum Marketing: This is an example of this marketing strategy. I participate in countless forums to offer free advice & assistance to people like you—some people reward me with their patronage as a result.
  • Article Marketing: I author and publish various articles which are in turn picked up by online newsletters, magazines, etc.
  • PPC Ads: Google is a lead generation faucet—done right, you can turn it when you want business and turn off when your pipeline is full…it’s one of the only mediums that can lead to business 10-15 minutes after you turn on the ad.
  • Niche Websites: Alot of people try to be “everything to everyone” on their websites, not me—I deliver traffic from the various lead generation systems I have in place to targetted/specific landing pages. I’ve found after years of testing that if you don’t give the Web visitor what he is looking for after the “click”, he is soon departed (to another web destination).
  • Social Networking Marketing: This is my latest experiment and I have chosen the platform called Weblo—it’s a online version of Monopoly that involves the buying/selling/rehabbing/trading of virtual property.

Believe it or not, this is only a fraction of what I do and I need to (and so does every other business owner)—no one lead generation source is going to sustain your business or deliver consistent quality.


Scott Miller

Direct Mail
Referal Network
Referal Network
Referal Network
Direct mail

Primary Marketing:
Article Marketing
Social Networks

Sounds like we have a couple things in common Scott :smile.

Direct Marketing - when the other two not working

30 minute infomercials
:15 second bookends
some radio

Internet and Direct Mail have been my bests lead generation sources. I live in a population area of approximately 750,000. I get an average of 1-2 leads a day from the internet and 1-2 per day from my direct mail campaign.

The internet and direct mail are great because the starting cost is very minimal. Once you close your first few deals you can increase your direct mail distribution list and internet marketing.

I also agree with Scott that you should not have just one lead generation source. I currently have multiple lead generation sources but internet and direct mail are by far the best ROI.
I hope this helps,

In order of best quality and quantity:

TELEMARKETING - I like this because it’s very targetted and has the highest rate of contact. Even if I make calls in the middle of the day I get at least 40% of the people home.

EMAIL MARKETING - I send emails to FSBO/FRBO ads. These get about a 10% response. I send them when I don’t feel like making calls or if there’s no phone number provided in the ad.

FREE ONLINE ADS - These get only about a 0.5% response. But if you cast a wide net you can get a lot of leads.

Postcards (multipul cards, even different companies)
networking (EVERYONE I know, knows what I do)
doorhangers w/bird dog

The above blew away…
TV (tons of calls very few deals)
Chinese/pizza carryout menus
Letters (other than a yellow letter)
Car maginets
bandit signs

One thing that we did learn is that when you put multipul forms of marketing in front of the same audiance the ROI just seems to go up on everything, people dont even remeber where they got the number or from what advertisement.