What kind of taxes?

I was just curious what kind of taxes most of the investors here pay on their investment properties. Regular income? Cap Gains? Through some type or corporation or LLC? Other?


I have that same question…I will be consulting a CPA locally to find out how I need to set up my accounting for this…and business structure

I buy and hold so any profit will be taxed as regular income… hopefully, with the depreciation and repairs, I will show a small “paper loss”!


I agree Keith… I also gift my wife 11k per year!

You just said that because I’m only 2 behind you!




sure did!!

You’re killin’ me…

some of my pre-construction flips are in a corporate pension plan. they pay no taxes until retirement.

for the others i use 1031 exchanges so there’s no taxes on that either.

real estate investors great phenomenal tax breaks!