what kind of special financing to except.

I have a investor that is coming to look at my property but he is leaning toward some owner fnancing and itrully don’t know much about that. My property i worth 65k on low end I ned min of 40k to pay off rehab cost. No loans on property pad cash. An thoughts. Rent would be 550ish.

Based upon your numbers you could offer $25k in owner financing and require the investor to come up with the remaining $40k in cash to meet your liquidity needs. If you are unfamiliar with owner finance you need to bone up on the subject or you could get burned. Any offer can sound good on the surface but if you don’t understand the cash flows, interest rate and other terms you might not be getting what you thought. On the flip side owner financing can give you the opportunity to earn a reasonable rate of return on your excess funds but don’t forget the investor could default on the loan and you will have to foreclose.

thanks for the info.