What kind of REI have you done for 2006

Trying to get investors to post what real estate deal have they done this year, Rehabbing or wholesale deals. Since i am wholesaler here what i have done this year

Wholesaled 4 vacant homes,

  1. ARV- 95k repairs 9k Price-51k Profit 5k
  2. ARV- 69k repairs 11k Price-27,259 Profit 6k
  3. ARV 83k Repairs 7500 price 44,840 profit 3k
  4. ARV 112 repairs 6700 price 63,629 Profit 5k

What have you done

I am in Boise, Idaho and we have done 28 properties since the beginning of the year. We use various strategies including pre-foreclosures, fix and flip, wholesaling, and short sales. Not a bad start to 2006. :wink: