What Kind of Mortgage Can I get

I’m not working right now but I have a low 700 credit score and a little cash in the bank. What kind of mortgage can I get?


I am going to assume this is a non owner occupied purchase. And with that said you should be able to get 90% Loan doing a no documentation loan. The fees will be a little high but if the property is worth it then go for it.
If my assumption is wrong and it is a owner occupied home…you should be able to get 100% financing all day long.
Good luck

Well when you say alittle cash in the bank, will you have anywhere from 6-12months PI…I believe many banks will want to see a good reserve at closing and with a NO DOC it is about 6-12months depending on OO or NOO

Actually, a true no doc means just that. There is NO income, employment, or asset information listed on the 1003 (application). This means there are no reserve requirements!

Knox is right. A true “no doc” is based entirely off of score. As the level of verifiable documentation increases…rates decrease and ltv increases.