What is your REI New Years Resolution?

What are your Real Estate Investment plans/goals for 2006?

I have spent the last several months putting a business plan together and am looking forward to what the new year brings. My plan is to purchase 4 more properties this year. ;D

Hello Mark and Everyone,

My goal in 2006 is to help more investors become successful than I helped in 2005.

Great question! My goal for 2006 is to flip 10 and sell 10 houses.

Blue Star is right…GOOD QUESTION.

I would be very happy to complete 3 new investment property purchases. I understand that the housing bubble is beginning to shrink, so I think that I will be conservative.

I have made some fantastic REI contacts this past year and am looking forward to more in '06!

Good Luck to all!

My goal sounds simple but seems to keep getting more complicated. I’ve spent the past several months reading and learning about real estate, but every time I get a chance to jump in something happens such as getting laid off from my job 2 months ago. Once I get back to work I will be looking to buy something to produce income.