What is your Forecast for future hottest markets ?

What is your Forecast for future hottest markets ? ( in 3-6 yeras )

Here is my list,

Raleigh-Durham, NC
Baltimore, MD
Charlotte, NC
West Palm beach, FL


What’s the basis for your forecast??

job growth

Interesting, I’ve not noticed these cities on my radar. But will look into it. I’ve been looking at Texas, since my current focus is cash flow properties.

Where are you currently invested?

As an investor, I head a great deal of caution in hot real estate markets when I want to hold a purchase or buy and resale.

Most of your hot markets involve what is called a sellers market therefore; it makes it hard to purchase at wholesale.

I have found that a focus on legal notices has been a great source for my transactions:

Probate Court
Law suits & Judgements
Bankruptcy Petitions
Tax Liens Filled
Circuit Court Notices


What source (s) did you use to get the job growth data for these cities?
I don’t see it.