What is wholesaling? How do you do it?

I really honestly don’t know what is wholesaling. How do you do it? i just got through reading the forum titled, “How do you make over $200,000 a year doing wholesaling.” No one had much to say about it accept that it is possible. Now I have owned property, so I’m not totally blind, I’m also not floating in the clouds thinking that I will make $200,000 over night…but I do want to know the basics of wholesaling. Is it something i may be interested in. Thanks for any help.

send me your email address and I will send you an ebook and some audio that will lay everything out pretty well. Best of luck.

Hi Eric

I was wondering if you can send me to me the ebook and audio I will appreciate your help.I am a new investor in Real Estate.

Thank you


I was wondering if you could send me the same thing to. I am also a new invester and was looking into wholesaling.



Please send me the info also.


lol lots of people want to learn wholesaling i see, thats good!

well in my case I am working with PREIG in USA, and always is good to have more info to learn about wholesale and lease option.
I am from canada and the market is some times is different here so I need more knowledge.

Thank you

Thanks a lot Eric. Iguess I hit a hot topic that many want to learn about. And You’ve got the info we want. I will probrobly be back with more questions for you. Thanks for the help.