What is this listing in newspaper telling me?

Hello…very new to this. :help Is this ad telling me about a property that is in foreclosure or in pre foreclosure? There are like 10 of these a day in the local paper.


NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT: SAMPLE COUNTY. SAMPLE BANK, N.A., Pltf. vs. SAMPLE NAME; SAMPLE NAME, Defts. Index #xxx/06. Pursuant to judgment of foreclosure and sale dated Sept. 20, 2006, I will sell at public auction at the Albany County Courthouse, 123 SAMPLE St., SAMPLE, NY on Apr. 18, 2007 at 9:00 a.m. prem. k/a 1234 Route 2N, SAMPLE, NY a/k/a Section 123, Block 123, Lot 123 a/k/a being in the Town of SAMPLE, SAMPLE County, NY, bounded and described as follows: BEGINNING at a point on the SAMPLE side of a public highway k/a Route SAMPLE and on the division line between the lands on the north, now or formerly of SAMPLE NAME (reputed owner) and land on the south formerly of SAMPLE NAME and SAMPLE NAME, his wife, being a plot 123 ft. x 123 ft. Approx. amt. of judgment is $68,533.21 plus costs and interest. This is a First Mortgage. Sold subject to terms and conditions of filed judgment and terms of sale. SAMPLE NAME, Referee. SAMPLE & SAMPLEL, LLP, Attys. for Pltf., 123 SAMPLE Ave., SAMPLE, NY. #12345 TU 123t (12345)


What you are seeing is an N.O.T. (Notice of Trustee Sale). This is where they auction
the house for sale to the highest bidder. At this point the house is in foreclosure.


This means the house will be up for sale at auction. You can try to contact the homeowner and see if you can do a short sale. April 18th is still into the future a bit.
If not, go to the auction site at the courthouse. You need a cashier’s check for 10% of the winning bid on hand.
Keep in mind that while the judgment amount is this $68,533.21, the statement
“plus costs and interest” means the bank’s opening bid will likely be higher than this.
It’s nice that this notice says it is a first mortgage - they don’t always state this. However, you should still check records and make sure there are no IRS liens on the property.