What is the weirdest, most bizzare thing you have seen in the RE biz?

Although I’ve only been studying this business for 6 months, I had an amusing experience last summer. I went to an open house. The owners were present there (no realtor, although the yard had a sign). They also decided to have a garage sale on the same day as the open house, so there were trinkets and junk and tables all over the front yard. There was also a vehicle parked on the lawn. When I and another person rang the bell the owners said they “not quite ready” even though it was 2:15 and the Open House was supposed to start at 2PM. When we went in there were two dogs in the house barking and jumping on people. :rolleyes

I’m sure other people must have some good stories to share?

  1. dog poop under the Christmas Tree. It was the end of January and looked like it had been there since Christmas. I saw it 2 minutes after I was in the house…the owners must have seen it.
  2. basement floor covered with about 2" of broken beer bottles
  3. The “tissue room”…teenage boy’s room with floor covered with wads of tissues, not from a runny nose

All in the same house.


LOL, JMDForest, your post also fits the “most disgusting” category

My friend Monique, a new real estate agent needed to preview some houses for sale for her weekend clients.

There was one house that she wanted to preview that was owned by a single woman. Monique called the house that afternoon, and sure enough the owner was at work and didn’t answer.

Monique let herself in through the lockbox. She was shocked to see the house owner’s boyfriend STARK NAKED lying on the living room couch! He had a rose between his teeth. He was waiting to surprise his girlfriend…

Monique and he were both embarrassed. She got the heck out of there, and never did preview or show that house. Everyone in the office like her story.