What is the paperwork to sell to an out of State owner?

I have come across two homes, deeply discounted. The owner is in another state. What is the paperwork for such a deal? Is it the same, just fax for signature on both ends? Any pitfalls to be aware of? He spoke of going tot he bank and having the paperwork notorized. At what step is this done?

The purchase paperwork needs to be the normal paperwork for the state that the property is in. The sellers need to have their paperwork couriered to them.

I agree with Bluemoon06 on this…paperwork for the state where property is located. A caveat to that is I would add a provision that all parties agree to cooperate in correcting paperwork to conform with state laws; and I would require a specific power of attorney from seller regarding properties to sign on his behalf if additional requirements come up after the closing and another document needs to be signed to conform.

Hope this helps.


Different states have different rules

Proof of identity
Property title deeds
Shared freehold documentation
Energy Performance Certificate
Management information pack
Fittings and contents form
Property information form
Mortgage details
Acceptance of offer

YES, you can buy that house even if the owner is out of state. There are no rules that say you have to be in the home or the same state when you are buying. However, you may want to research your buying options, because there are some sticky issues you will want to avoid.

The easy way to do it is you can take the help of any agent or broker.