What is the number 1 stumble block for everyone?

I see so many potentially good cash flow properties in my area ($150-$300) and I wonder what stops people from purchasing all they can. Has anyone reached a roadblock where you own multiple positive cash flow properties but can’t get financed for more?

My goal is to own 80-100 properties with a total cash flow of 15-20k/month. I don’t see it as an extremely difficult goal and I am prepared to spend all the time I need to obtain it. I just worry about the day I can’t get a loan after catching that perfect egg.

Has anyone reached a limit on how many properties they can purchase?

I can’t say this is still a given but I read somewhere recently where Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will only allow an individual to have 10 loans at one time (hence, personal residence and 9 investment properities). This applies to convential loans.

As far as HML, I’m sure the sky is the limit!


I’m getting that same word from my realtor. I would say that you may be able to circumvent this by moving the properties into LLCs, try to get seller financing, do some 'sub2s, try for some non-conforming loans, etc.


That’s the key right there!!! how long of an explination would you like!! Can I finish there or do you want the long version?? LOL

I own 82 total at 30 so your goal is obtainable! It will take at least 6 years or so good luck! Robb

Do you put multiple properties into multiple LLCs? Is it normal to put personal properties in there?