What is the importance of good habits in our lives?

Human’s life is a bundle of habits. A good person acquires a number of good habits. A good person is in the habit of speaking the truth. He is straightforward in his dealings with others and obliging to his fellowmen. He judges others charitably and treats even his servants kindly. A bad person is one who has contracted vicious habits, who does not hesitate to tell a lie or to cheat others, who treats others rudely, who speaks ill of others, and who thinks only of his own interests. Habits determine the character and personality of a man. Habits are simply formed, but they can be cast off only with huge trouble. This is one of the laws of human nature. Good practice can be shaped only by fruitfully resisting temptation. Habits are formed by repetition. If a man rises early in the morning, say at 4 am in the morning, he will get into the habit of rising early. The habit will be so burly that he would wake up exactly at that hour, even while he goes be bed at 1 am in the morning. All our habits, good or bad, are shaped by recurrence. When a man does amazing wrong, he should be careful of repeating it, for then an awful habit is sure to take root, though he power not be conscious of it. Once the behavior is formed, it is hard to shake them off. Hence habit is called the second nature. It should be remembered that formation of habits is slow and imperceptible. Bad habits are dangerous and one does not generally realize the full extent of the danger, till it is too late. Guardians and teachers should carefully watch what habits are being acquired by the boys whom they have to look after. Reading is a good habit. It helps in acquire facts, in significant use of free time time and healthy activity. .

Nice thread! Informative! Reading good books is also a good habit, but applying the good things written on them can be the best habit.

Good thread:) Sport is my good habit

Good point on there being two sides, good and bad, to our developed habits!

Morning routines that target specific growth areas of our lives can be extremely beneficial, whether that be in areas that help our physical or mental development. In that way, apart from the direct benefits of those habits, the day is begun with focus and an awareness of our actions.

Agree with Johan about the importance of morning routine. I read Miricle Morning last year and think it is so powerful. It’s just a simple habit that is easy to do and has made a huge difference for me.