What is the GIS?

What does it stand for? And is it free? Thanks!

Thanks to Hooch,i’m wise today…GIS…Georgraphic Interface System…What makes it free?..it’s part of your local gov county’s website ,public info…find out what the home you want to put under contract is worth according to the TAX MAN.(value of home + value of land it sets on=Total Tax Value.
How does it help you?..see how much more the sellers jacked up the asking price…but then weigh it against the recently sold comps …gives you a better feel of how to work your number’s…I don’t feel bad lowballing anyone now.

In Allentown it is under lehighcounty.org…try to google your “tax assessor,your county.”

Sorry, I told you wrong if that is what I said. It stands for Geographic Information System. Everything else you said is absolutely correct.

Unfortunately in Bucks county they are now on the Landex system and now charge to find out that kind of info :rolleyes

That Sucks, those dirty money grubbing bXXXXXXXs. YOU bought that system with YOUR tax paid dollars.