I am looking to step up my direct mail campaigns but I am having a hard time picking a service. There’s so many when you do a Google search that it will take me days just to get started.

For those that are already running successful direct mail campaigns, who do you use? If you can also include who you buy your mailing lists from , that would be great.

Thanks in advance from all of us who need this information.



You won’t get them mailed any cheaper than this. It’s the US Postal Service’s direct mail service. No middleman.

Click2mail is pretty cheap but damn if I have all sorts of problems trying to log in to their site!!!

Click 2 mail costs me about 80 cents per postcard (included postage). That sounds like a lot when you are doing hundres and thousands of postcards. I heard Vistaprints has good rates on these and you might only need to pay shipping. I used them for business cards before but not postcards, I am going to look into it.

The Great Martini,

What kind of postcards are you sending? I just sent out 80 of them yesterday and it cost me $29. Are you doing full color, high gloss and 5x8 or something?

You could email support and tell them what you are mailing and they can help you get a cheaper option. They told me about the Yellow Card stock they offer which allowed me to take away the Yellow colored background from my postcards because it wasn’t needed anymore. Saved me a few cents per card.


5,000 postcards come out to like 30 cents each with postage

Thanks for sharing everyone

With these guys www.kep.kg you are looking at about 20 cents per postcard with postage. It might sound strange, but the delivery from Kyrgyzstan to the US (guys are from Kyrgyzstan) comes out to be cheaper than mailing within the country. The delivery time, however can be up to 20 days with standard mail option. Shoot them an email. They are very responsive.



In my opinion, MailChimp is the best platform for direct mail service.

In my opinion, MailChimp is the best platform for direct mail service.

MailChimp doesn’t offer direct mail services. MailChimp is Web-based email newsletter service. :anon


Without a doubt, go big printing

I would have to agree gobigprinting.com does have great deals. I noticed their postcards were of higher quality than some other websites who’s postcards looked really cheap and did not receive the same response rate.

I’v used these 2 companies for years for Real Estate mail out. But I mail out my own cards.



Gobigprinting.com They just added additional lists that you can buy from them. This is new and pretty neat. Check it out!

gobigprinting.com gets my vote! they do it all for you if you’re doing direct mail.

I use GetResponse for direct mail. I also use it for email marketing and to increase traffic to my website.