What is the Best Way to Market Multi-Family Properties?

I own + am ready to sell a duplex and a quad, both tenant occupied and cash flowing. These properties are in Georgia, an attorney state.

Short of a cash sale, what kind of terms should I offer, or agree to, for a fast + painless closing? Both Subject To’s + Owner Financing make me nervous from a seller’s perspective. Even if I include a default clause which reverts title back to me if the new buyer messes up, how would that be enforced? Foreclosing on the new buyer would be a long, arduous task. Is that my only recourse?

I really wanted to Lease Option them for a year + continue taking the depreciation etc, but I worry if the new buyer will be able to get perm. financing in a year without a seasoned title. I don’t want to set anyone up to fail.

Any ideas for a win-win solution?

Owner finance? They would like that. :biggrin

Thanks BrianA06,

Getting the deed is always preferred, then it would be a re-fi and easier to fund. But I’m a little nervous about giving up title. Having said that, I do want to close the deal. I want to help the investor/buyer without hurting myself.

I’m thinking lease options if there are still any lenders who will look at a recorded lease option as a “seasoned title” at the end of the option term.

Any other ideas?