Hello I still new to wholesaling and wanted to find buyers first then find all the great deals but it happened backwards and now I have all the great deals but no buyers …can someone please give me some good advice on finding buyers. I have used all the options I know such as craigslist.com ,calling title companies ,google,I have even been networking with other wholesalers to find buyers but it just doents seem like I have enough buyers for all the deals.SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE ME ADVISE

One thing we do is once we have the property under contract, we do a mailer that is within 3/10ths of a mile to all the landlords in the area.

Do some heavy marketing with craigslist,ebay,myhousedeals.com (free 30 day trial and wholesale post),dodeals.com( same). or go to the marketing forum and post your question there.

If at all possible join your local rei club. Mines here in Fort Wayne Indiana. Your likely to find plenty of investors in your area that are doing the same things as you. Networking is key, the more experienced people you deal with, the more success you’ll have.

This sounds like great idea. Could you share a little more on how to do this? How do you find these landlords?

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First thing I would question if you have a lot of great deals but no buyers is whether you really have great deals available at all.

The buying criteria is dependent on the type of buyer. Rehabbers would be looking at your offerings if you were within the criteria most of them have for your area.

Buy and hold investors such as landlords may have a little more flexibility and pay more. and of course actual end buyers/occupants would generally pay more then the others.

Give us an example of a great deal and why its such a great deal, maybe we can enlighten you. We can make suggestion on building a buyers list but you won’t need the list if your offering lead instead of gold.


I put together a post on finding buyers you can find here


Good luck