What is the best way to find investors? Internet or clubs?

I am working with a group of mortgage brokers who are getting wholesale pricing on a number of properties around the country. They have negotiated excellent terms with the developers and they are providing a number of incentives for buyers. They have recently approached me to help them find investors. I have done a lot of Internet marketing in the past, but real estate leads are usually tough to generate and can be very costly. Does anyone have any advice how I can let people know about these investments as the come online?

Ummm…why not do both?


Working with Google adwords now. Not too impressed with the results so far. I am using pretty specific keywords and some more generic. I’m curious as to what any of you has seen as a typical cost per lead on the more generic keywords…i.e: investment property.

The more market tools your include in your start the more successful you will be. Once you use them all you can then decide which works before for you.