What is the best way to find a buyer for vacant land??

I stepped out of my box friday and put a contract on a 140X145 lot in Port Orange Florida which is about 7 min from the beach. You can not find any vacant land in this area, prices are steadly going up. There are beautiful new subdivisions all around and this cornor lot sets among a small community of land with mobile homes. I have already contacted a Mid Florida Mobile homes they buy up lots and put new mobile homes on them sell as a package deal.
My asking price is $129,900. The realtor told me that the last lot she could find that sold was for $139,000. I am taking a leap of faith and praying that I can find a buyer with in 10 Days (Sept. 23 ,05) to assign this over to.
Would it be a good idea to contact building contractors as well?
Some advice would be nice :slight_smile: I do have and exit plan if I can not find a buyer. I got this before the realtor put it on the market.
Thank you and I appreicate this web site so much!!