What is the Best way to Double Close with the Least amount of Complications?

I have read confilicting arguments on what is the best way to double close. And either of them sound smooth. These are the 2 ways that I am aware of tell me if there is another better way?

In both situations is it best to use and option or purchase contact to cloud the title?

  1. Close with buyer first at title company. Buyers leaves his money with a title company without a deed? Seller shows up shortly after and I close with the seller and keep the difference?


2 Close with the seller first at title company. Seller signs the deed and leaves with no money? Buyer comes in shortly after and buys the home at higher price I keep the differnce?

I could get it done dont get me wrong but it just seems like a stretch, is there an eazier way to accoplish this?
And what is the best way to lock up the home, with a recorded Contact,Option, or deed the property into a trust?
I want to learn this concept A to Z can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks all help is appriciated

Truth be told - both are okay. The main thing is that whoever is doing the closing - escrow company or attorney - needs to be familiar with the process. if they are - it doesn’t matter. If they don’t - it will be a mess. if the escrow officer knows his or her stuff - they will do it in a way that makes sense.

The seller does not need to leave with no money because you close their transaction first in escrow, then 10 minutes later you close with the buyer while the seller waits in the lobby. No big deal.