What is Section 8 (in Travis Cty) paying for...

What is Section 8 (in Travis Cty) paying for 4bd/2ba units?



I think it’s around $1300 and change, but not 100% certain. Mr. Randle should know down to the penny. :lol:

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I apologize, but I just saw this post. Rents vary by inspector, I mean size and location.

You can call the Austin Housing Authority (AHA) at 512-477-1314 and have them send you a landlord package. It will have a schedule of gross rents (landlord pays utilities) and net rents when the tenant is responsible for utilities. Kent Bedell used to be the Landlord Outreach Specialist (or something like that), but I haven’t spoken to him in a long time so I’m not sure if he’s still there.

The spiel is that they do a market rent analysis of the area and make decisions based on size, desirability, location, etc and the particular case worker makes the rent decision. My experience has been that the tenant’s case worker basically goes with what the inspector recommends. So, it pays to meet the inspector at the property and work them.

Last I heard, Stacy’s number is pretty close to accurate for 4 bedrooms.